Senses, Perception, Reality? Media Opera...Tokyo...November 17-18

In our daily lives we experience what can feel sometimes like an audio and visual assault.
On November 17 and 18, a group of artists will present Media Opera at Asahi Art Square in Tokyo.

Asahi_2 Here is how Tokyo Art Beat (my source for this event) describes the performance:
     "As we stride further into a world defined by digital technologies, with an increasingly rapid flow of information, our sense and perception of reality is also undergoing change. What is it that we really see? What sights are we blind to? What are we listening to? Are there sounds and voices that we choose not to hear? Where are we now? Where aren't we? Our vision changes with the passing of time, with every hour. Within the blink of an eye. Are we at the brink?"

Unfortunately the Asahi Art Square site is only in Japanese. Read the rest of the Event Notes on TAB.

Their building architecture is quite interesting so I used it as an illustration.

This was Tokyo Thursdays #13

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