$2000 'Cardboard Home' by Ryuji Miyamoto has New Order loose its cover

We all have seen these cardboard homes on the streets of one city or another?

Japanese photographer Ryuji Miyamoto documented some of them in 1995 Tokyo.

Neworderdvd_2 When British band New Order released a DVD Collection whose cover (pictured left) bared more than a resemblance with his original composition except for color versus black and white he let the band know his unhappiness about the resemblance.

New Order lost its cover as Ashley Rawlings reports in The New Order/Ryuji Miyamoto saga comes to an end on Tokyo Art Beat.

Digging for additional info on Ryuji Miyamoto and his work, I found more of it listed on Take Art Gallery which calls itself the Internet Gallery for Japanese Contemporary Art.

'Cardboard Homes' is listed at $2000.

James Kelly offers Post Earthquake photos of Kobe by the same artist taken the same year (1995).

There is sometimes a fine line between homage and plagiarism.

End of the picture for Tokyo Thursdays # 12

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