The Green Cook...Save Recipes Online with 'Taste Book'...Green Day #2

Being Green, Earth and Energy Friendly can often be achieved by taking small steps.

Rather than fire up your printer and run through tons of paper, why not create your own cook book online by saving your very own creations and those of others too.

The newly launched Taste Book offers a way to do it.

Get past the somehow bland introduction videos.

Taste Book partnered with Epicurious and you have access to thousands of recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet Magazine to start what they call your collections.

Collections could be best described as a way to organize your recipes around themes such as holidays, seasons, type of foods (grilled meats, vegetarian, Asian influenced or anything else that might inspire you) and I could go on and on.

As for your own creations or recipes from friends, you will have to type the all thing in once.

Think at least that you won't be chasing your notes around the house the next time that special dish is on your mind or you want to share it with friends (via e-mail of course).

It could also be a real time saver when you draft a Menu for the Week and its companion, the dreaded Shopping List.

You could pull everything you need for these scrumptious meals in a few clicks of the mouse.

Taste Book offers a deal to have your own 100 recipe Cookbook printed (for a fee) but what's the point if you want to be a Green Cook.

That will be all for Tuesday is Green Day #2

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