Tuesday is 'Green Day': Walk to Fresh Beats with 'Green Thing'

I have been writing now and then about what I call Green Solutions.

Starting today Tuesday will be Green Day. I will use it to mention products, companies, simple ways to be eco-friendly and sometime my suggestions might even save you some green.

Not all Tuesday stories will be on this topic of course.

Today, I uncovered Green Thing, an online community that each month shares one simple way to pollute less. October's pick is Walk Once every day I guess.

To sweeten your motivation pot, Green Thing offers Walking Words and Walking Music downloads especially penned and composed for the site.

Talent includes Howie B, Graeme Miller and Roger Eno on the music side.

Musicians and writers can also upload their work to Green Thing, a nice way to gain a new audience.

You can share your walking adventures with the community.
In that case you need to register first.
There is no membership fee.
As a signing bonus you get access to 2 videos per month from some great artists.

Green Thing is based in London.

Tuesday is Green Day #1: The End

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