Swimming in Chocolate...Chocolate Week, New York (November 4 to 11)

In less than 2 weeks, Chocolate Lovers of the world will be swimming in chocolate for a week of Heavenly Delights with New York's first ever Chocolate Week ( November 4th to 11).

Let me give you my pick of events worth checking.

If you want a quiet moment visit Alice's Tea Cup for a Tea and Chocolate Pairing on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Cost is $35 per person and you will be guided and entertained by Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate.

The Michel Cluizel Store at ABC Carpet and Home will offer an evening 'sommelier guided chocolate tasting'  from November 4th to  8. Sorry but I do not have any details on hours and prices yet.

Restaurant P*Ong on West 10th Street came up with a Chocolate accented Menu:

  • Duck braised in Pinot Noir and chocolate with Kabocha squash tapioca
  • Foie gras pastrami, ginger, concord grape, and cocoa caramel
  • Smoked trout caviar, white chocolate-miso parfait, lemon & chive biscuit
  • Chocolate marquis with shaved melons, Aleppo pepper, hazelnuts, and honey

I will surely get a few more chocolate bites to share with you next week.
I am definitely going to show up for a couple events and give you my first impressions.

Chocolate Week concludes over the week-end with the Chocolate Show  celebrating its 10th Anniversary in New York.

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