From 'Cibo' to 'Le Metropolitain'...Peeking at the New Zealand restaurant Scene

Helen of Grab Your Fork (Sydney, Australia) wet my appetite with her review of Le Metropolitain (Wellington, New Zealand).
The best part of it for me is her picture of Toulouse Sausage with Lentils and Lardons.
I tried to find the site for Le Metropolitain, a French Bistro without any luck.
They opened in May of this year I believe so they are still fairly new.

I did uncover the Cuisine Restaurant of the Year Awards 2007 which might be useful if you plan a visit to New Zealand.

Cuisine is a Local Magazine and Guide to as they put it 'Food, Wine and Good Living' in New Zealand, not a bad mantra.

Foodattitude Getting back to their 2007 awards, I noticed amongst the finalists CIBO (Auckland) not so much for its food but their notes on the restaurant which I share with you:
"Owner Jeremy Turner is a contender for the zaniest restaurateur around. He knows his wines, food and clientele and delivers a fun experience for diners. Kate Fay, the chef, shows flashes of brilliance in her food. Her extensive menu has something for everyone, from combinations of well thought-out Asian flavours to classic fish and chips that have to be the best in town."

Cibo is located in an old chocolate factory (according to their description).

Jeremy and Kate also found time to pen 'Food with Attitude', a book whose cover graces this piece.

By the way, I did not have the chance yet to travel down under.

Would January be a good time?

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