Don't be Sheepish...Say Cheese and Try the 'Cacio de Roma'

I might have neglected Italian Wines and Cheeses in the past so I am trying to make up for these shortcomings.

Last Sunday, while exploring the cheese display at my local Whole Foods, I snapped up a piece of Cacio de Roma.

Did not taste it, just decided to roll the dice and take a chance.
Worse case scenario, I could always use it in a sauce.

Also known as 'Caciotta' this is the classic Italian table cheese, not pungent but  richly flavored like a full figured woman.


Without getting too technical, after being formed, the cheese is bathed with sea salt and then aged on wood in the cellar for 30 days.

Comes in a 4 Pound Wheel if you don't like small pieces.

I found out later that Whole Foods includes the Cacio de Roma in its Simple Antipasto Plate selection.

Also 'When In Rome..': Visit 'Obika' mozzarella bar

Cheese at the Movies: I want to eat my cheese with someone

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