Adventures in CoWorking #2, Friday Morning in Williamsburg

I did not get much work done in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York...Not Virginia) last Friday morning for my second shot at CoWorking.

Our Internet access went from slow to inexistent.

A positive side effect of the lack of Connectivity was that instead of being hunched over our laptops typing away we had a chance to talk to each other.

Mina Kim introduced me to her project, Loose Record. Call it Candy for the Music Fan with its coverage of US concerts, Reviews, News and Interviews (Beastie Boys recently).

I did have a chance to take a first hand look at the Nokia N 800 thanks to Jeremy Mims of Frogmetrics
which offers companies a chance to get Customer Feedback via this nifty tool's touch screen.
The survey then gets beamed thanks to the Nokia's wireless capabilities. I just wish their site showed a quick demo of their cool solution.

The space for this CoWorking session is actually where 'The Whisk and Ladle' raises the Curtain when the cooking show is on.

When I arrived they were drafting Saturday Night's Menu and the Shopping List to go with it.

I have to say that on my first visit to this area, Williamsburg (Bedford and 5th Street), it looked vibrant and friendly.

Small stores and restaurants, craftsmen, people riding their bike and overall a laid back feel.

Many of the CoWorkers would be at home in Marci Alboher's world of Slash Careers.

It was only a 30 minutes Subway Ride from New York Penn Station to the Bedford Avenue Stop (A Train to L Train) so not a bad commute.

All in all I discovered a neighborhood that lives and learned that anyone willing to stage a CoWorking session must first test their Web Access if they want a repeat performance.

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