Small is the New Big for 'Restaurants' like 'The Whisk and Laddle' in Williamsburg

Well some of these eateries might not really qualify as restaurants but be closer to a 'Chef Table'.

I might have read about The Whisk and Ladle Supper Club before but failed to mention them until my every other week invitation to a CoWorking session in New York hit my mailbox and reminded me of their existence.

This 'alternative' restaurant illustrates how Small is The New Big (one of Seth Godin's mantras or selling points).

Located in a 95 year old industrial building on the Williamsburg waterfront, The Whisk and Ladle is the Labor of Love from a trio of kitchen pirates who create and serve a 5 course meal to the lucky 20 (at a time) who put their names on the waiting list and got a seat for the show that day.

On April 14, The Menu showcased 'Red Snapper on Crushed Raspberries, Raw Spinach and Cauliflower Terrine' as the Entree.
You will not have to peruse and chose what you eat, it is all done for you. You can relax, enjoy the food and have a nice conversation with your fellow diners.

Gawker spotted them in Revisiting the Salad Days of Williamsburg  (March 2007).

This type of Eatery is quite popular in China and also in Southern Italy.

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