Wanna Compost? 'The Daily Dump' can help

Good ideas come from many places these days.

Starting with the not so new idea to "Make Waste Useful', Bangalore (India) based The Daily Dump offers not only Composting Tools but also a lot of practical advice and bits of simple wisdom reminding us that composting turns our waste into something useful, top soil, and as important rekindles our connection with the earth and how things grow?

My paternal grandfather had two gardens in my early childhood and egg shells, fruit and vegetable skins, coffee grinds and many other things helped grow all these wonderful fruits and vegetables coming from the backyard.

Since Daily Dump products are for the Indian Market they sport Indian Names.
I was interested by the concept of the Gamla where plants surround the waste while decomposition takes place.
I also like the Kambha line. For each type of products they give you clear explanations as for what, how and where to use it.
To make these more appealing, you can personalize by painting them as show here with a painted Kambha. Kambha_3Rodents like leftovers so they offer rodent proof lids as well.

It does not hurt that their website is well designed, clear and informative.
Congratulations to a great idea from Bangalore...

Will we see Daily Dump great offerings soon at a Container Store or a Home Depot near us here in the US?

Got inspired by a piece on Springwise

Other ideas from abroad: TaskBin versus GoPlan and No Pain, No Paint, SIT Design, Garden Furniture

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