Not Woody, A Chilean Chardonnay for 'Let's Get Naked', Wine Blogging Wednesday #36

First clap your hands and say yeah for Lenn who in a moment of pure inspiration created Wine Blogging Wednesday 3 years ago.

For this third anniversary of the Monthly Event it was only fair for him to have first pick of the theme for this edition.

As it is summer and it is very hot on the East Coast (of the USA) he chose 'Let's Get Naked' (just kidding).

What the theme actually refers to is unwooded, unoaked, also know as naked Chardonnay.

Oak's presence has become an insidious part of the California way with Chardonnay. Some going as far with cheap plonk as adding oak chips and oak essence to the mix.

I was not running as far and as fast as I could from these ugly creatures when I picked the Kono Baru from Chile.

To be honest, I mentioned today's event to Sarah the regional Rep for Don Sebastiani and Sons and she happened to have this wine in her portfolio.

This Kono Baru Unwooded Chardonnay (2006) will not knock your socks off but the nice tropical fruit and mineral quality make it a perfect pick for your summer party. The wine retails in the $10 to $12 range.

Kono_baruIt comes to us from Valle Central where the combination of the proximity of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean create a micro climate propitious to fine wine growing.

Exploring the Valle led me to discover that Casablanca is not just a Moroccan town.

Another Naked-Unwooded Chardonnay from the Southern Hemisphere that I discovered recently is by Jim Jim (Hugh Hamilton Wines, Australia) but since I wrote about their Shiraz only 2 days ago it might have been too much jamming with Jim.

I hope at least this piece made for a light, summery read.

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