Wine goes to the Dogs...Que sera Shiraz!

Sometimes ideas for a story just fall in your lap.
It just happened to me on Sunday with this Wine goes to the Dogs theme.

I had noticed on the shelves of this local store a Mad Dogs and Englishmen red from Spain and it stayed on my mind due a 1970 connection that might elude most of you.
The link in question is a Live Album Mad Dogs & Englishmen  featuring Joe Cocker backed by Leon Russell and others.

As for the Mad Dogs wine (2004 Vintage) , it comes from Murcia (Jumilla) and unusual for a Spanish offering is a blend of Shiraz (20%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) and Monastrell (60%). Maddogslabel_3

A trio of hands is behind this creation, first the winemaker, Marcial Martínez Cruz, second, Guy Anderson, the brains behind Fat Bastard and third William Long, the other Englishman who came up with the name which was inspired by the hot vintage conditions, quoted as saying: "it’s so hot you need to be either mad or an Englishman to work here", the Mad Dogs site says that it recalls Noel Coward’s 1932 song of the same name with lyrics stating that “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun

This red blend is bold yet balanced.
You should be able to spot it for around $10.

Let me now take a big leap down under for my second Dog Gone Wine.

No connection with old or older tunes here.
The Jim Jim [The Down-Underdog] is all Shiraz all the Time. I found the 2005 Vintage.

Masterminded in McLaren Vale, South Australia by none others than Hugh Hamilton whose sense of humor makes wine fun to drink.

This Jim Jim is named after none other than Jim, one of the Hamilton family dogs.  Jimjimlabel_3

Good nose, jamming berries, earthier than the Mad Dogs and light tannins.

Of the two wines I just mentioned my favorite. Around $10 as`well.

Does he like Jimmy Jimmy by the Undertones, I don't know.

Our 4 legged friend is a cool cat though. He has his own My Space page.

Other witty wines from down under: Mr Black's Concoction

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