Wine, Big in China: Guangzhou hosts 3rd Wine Show in June 2007

With affluent Chinese, wine is earning a place at the dinner table.

Just found out about Interwine China, a Wine and Spirits Exhibition taking place in Guangzhou from June 7 to June 9 of 2007. The event is organized by Erica Chang who rides the bicycle on the posterChina designed for the event by a very busy man, Jean-Pierre Got who was kind enough to share it with us.

I last wrote about Jean-Pierre in Picture, Picture on the Wall regarding his 2007 Wine Calendar.

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We track our finances (or try to) through Quicken or Microsoft Money. A service named The Daily Plate (launched this year) help us track what we eat, our calorie intake and how many calories we burn through exercise. They also offer a database of food items that you can search to find out the calories, fat content, carbs and protein they contain. See what my search for ham and cheese sandwich came up with. I...
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Mr Conran goes to Copenhagen with Custom House (3 Restaurants)

Dec 5
Just found out that Terence Conran has set foot in Copenhagen with 3 restaurants under the Custom House roof. They are Custom House Bar & Grill (A Brasserie-Bistro offering a combination of Danish and European dishes), Bacino (for Italian fare) and Ebisu (the Japanese side). There is also a deli where you can just stop for coffee, tea, chocolates and light fare. My last piece on Copenhagen was Handmade Bikes covering Cykelmageren.