Live from Sardinia: Monica, Not the Singer...A Grape that Swings

Unlike the other Monica, this Monica does not get attention by sporting tatoos, blond wigs and skimpy outfits.
This girl is a good mademoiselle from the South of Italy, the island of Sardinia to be precise.

A lesser known grape, this Monica according to is thought to have its origins in Spain and was first called Morillo. offers details on other Sardinian grapes including Cannonau which I recommend if you are looking for intense flavors.

Santadi_2 The Monica I tasted was the Antigua
'Monica di Sardegna'
(2004) from Cantina Santadi (winery pictured here).

This red wine is earthy and rich, not heavy but with a nice pair of legs. It is actually 85% Monica and 15% Carignane and retails around $11.

Cantina Santadi benefits from the talents of winemaker Giacomo Tachis better known for his work at Sassicaia.

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