Grom...Gelato 'same as it ever was'...Perfect on a warm and sticky New York day

Too bad I was`reminded of the existence of the New York Outpost of GROM Gelato only this morning.

I could have used a`helping of some of their treats on Thursday after getting a taste of Jelly.
The weather was warm and sticky in the Big Apple and it might have cooled me off.

What GROM offers is Gelato that I would call Artisanal or Traditional or to paraphrase David Byrne 'same as it ever was'.

The company was started in Turin (Italy) in 2003. They opened GROM New York at 2165, Broadway (Upper West Side) in May of 2007 to rave reviews and draw in the crowds of sweet lovers.

Amongst current offerings I will have to try Crema come una volta made (imagine) with  full fat whole milk.

Another flavor that would have my vote (also using the full figured milk) is Cassata Italiana whose main ingredients are sheep milk's ricotta and candied lemon, citron and orange.


Taste_2 A number of the choices carry the Slow Food Presidia label.

This year, GROM also purchased its own Organic Fruit Farm so it could maintain high standards of taste and quality.

Next time I go to New York, I know I have to save time for a stop there.

Kudos to GROM!

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