The Rise of Gourmet Canteens: 'Eat Well, Work Well' by Rhymer Rigby

If there is something left from my European upbringing, it is the importance of food as a way to create a convivial setting.

For 5 years I led a business networking group. Healthy fresh food was always available for attendees. Especially when events took place in the evening and most people came straight from work.

Good food usually generates good thinking and good conversation.

In Gourmet canteens give workers food for thought (FT, Registration Required), Rhymer Rigby offers a few examples of how British companies such as architecture firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners have turned what used to be cafeterias into full blown restaurants. So successful is the facility that it now has two sittings in order to accommodate everyone.

Another example cited is advertising agency Mother. Food is part of their history as in the early days, each of the founders took his turn to cook for the others.

In the US, many Silicon Valley companies put a strong accent on the array of cuisines offered. This is turn gave birth to Lunch 2.0 where food meets networking.

This phenomenon can also be found in India on the campus of Infosys as mentioned by Amit Pande. Even smaller outfits such as MangoSpring realize the importance of getting together with good food and fun activities to gel the team.

Food fuels the brain!

On other at work perks: Dog Massage and Acupressure offered at Google   

On Eating and Business: Success Tips on Booking Restaurants for Business

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