Success Tips on Booking Restaurants for Business

Nicolas Lander shares recipes for a Risk-free business lunch or dinner in his Financial Times column today.
He invited a London based hedge fund manager to share her do's and don't on Lunch or Dinner with clients or partners.
Her first rule is keep it close to the office so you do not waste precious time traveling back and forth.
Make sure the dining room is spacious enough and with a low level of noise so you go about your business.
Choose a place that can deliver the food in a timely fashion.
Do not select pricey eateries with menus that are too complicated or exotic. Settle for the ones that can make everyone feel comfortable so the focus can stay on the business at hand.
For Lunch if time is limited and a matter needs to be sorted out, a good sandwich will do.

Read the article for more details.

I would add two things to it.
Keep the wine and liquor consumption under control. I witnessed a few alcohol induced meltdowns and if this is someone on your team it makes you look like a fool.
Second, choose a place that maintains its chairs and banquettes clean and in good condition.
Who wants to leave a restaurant with stained or dirty clothes or worse a torn outfit.

Have a good week-end!

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