Red wine from a Beloved Castle, Castillo de Monseran (Wine Blogging Wednesday #35)

Michelle of My Wine Education put Passionate Spain on the Agenda for Wine Blogging Wednesday #35.

Like a good jazzman, I decided to riff on her theme and offer Castillo de Monseran 'Garnacha' (2005) as my pick. Castillo_2

This wine is 100% Garnacha (Grenache if you prefer). It comes from Cariñena, south of Zaragoza, smack in the heart of Aragon. There is also a town of the same name.

Cariñena is not far from Carino (love, darling) which brings us back to Passionate Spain....

Because of the high mountain location, the vineyards benefit from a cooler climate that graces this wine with wonderful fruit.

Grapes go through a short maceration and then the fermentation phase which gives this Castillo de Monseran soft and lush tones.

At around $9.00, this red wine is a steal.

Recent Spanish excursion: Need a Shot of Adrenaline: Fiesta of San Fermin (Pamplona) and its Bull Run provides it

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