Up There! Domaine Bila-Haut, a Red Roussillon for Wine Blogging Wednesday #33

I dropped off the map of Wine Blogging Wednesday for a while now.
My return to the scene was prompted by this month theme (courtesy of Doktor Weingolb) Languedoc-Roussillon value wines.

I might actually get in trouble with my choice which at $13.00 is slightly under the $15-$20 range quoted by Herr Doktor.

In any case my pick is Domaine Bila-Haut (2004), a blend of Grenache, Syrah and what the winery calls an old bush (not George H, a grape) Carignan.Bila_haut
The 'vendange' is hand harvested. good fruit, not wimpy, some spiciness on the finish.
It went well with a dish of pasta with vegetables Provencale and grilled chicken and herb sausage.

Even though in Europe, the label credits M.Chapoutier, the famous Rhone house, the bottle I purchased here in New Jersey only alludes to "a well known Rhone producer". There must be a reason behind it.

Funny enough before I picked this 'Bila-Haut', I thought  of writing about another M.Chapoutier  wine, a Muscat de Rivesaltes that I enjoyed as an aperitif on Sunday thanks to some of my friends good taste.

Since my Bila-Haut runs under $15, I will offer our arbiter of taste Doktor Weingolb its sibling "Domaine de Bila-Haut - Occultum Lapidem", a Cotes du Roussillon Villages, as an alternative qualifier.

A little anecdote: As some of you might know, I had the backbreaking and finger cutting  pleasure of being part of the vendanges in Roussillon (near Elne to be precise) for two consecutive vintages about 30 years ago.

If you read French, in the process of writing this piece I found Roussillon Tasting Notes on Chateau Loisel a wine guide by Remi Loisel, a French web designer who found a way to combine his love of wine and a chance to display his skills.

Bonne Sante!

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