Witches and Wizards, Halloween and Wine Number 2: Les Sorcieres 2005

While scanning the shelves at a local wine store a couple of days ago, a label caught my eye. The witch flying her broom and the pixie dust screamed 'halloween and wine'. When I looked at the back label and saw that (1) it was imported by Eric Solomon's European Cellars and (2) it came from the Roussillon the french Catalan area (near Perpignan), I was sold.
The wine in question is Les Sorcieres du Clos des Fees, Cotes du Roussillon 2005.Sorcieres
It is one of the fine creations of Herve Bizeul of Domaine du Clos des Fees located in Vingrau.
Herve Bizeul was described Figaro as The Wizard of the Roussillon by Le Figaro.
Sorcieres is the french word for witches and Fees are fairies.
This deep Red wine offers good fruit and some spice, it is made of Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache and Carignan from what you could call Old Vines since some of the vines are older than the elders of Vingrau.
At $14.00 it is a steal.

The wine growing area of Roussillon has special appeal to me as I worked for a couple of Septembers in the vineyards for the Vendanges...back in the days.
To learn more about the winemaker who by the way used to be a food critic, you can read Herve Bizeul Blog. It is written in French so you will have to translate if you are not fluent.

This is Halloween and Wine number 2.
I covered Sinister Hand for Halloween and Wine number 1.

Sorry for the blurred picture. My camera does not work properly today.

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