Roots, May, Muguet...Traditions in Transition

No I will not write about Reggae or Bob Marley today.

From time to time, things make me realize how long I have lived in the US and the loss of some of my  French connection.
Such a thing happened this morning when I paid a visit to Autres Delices (Other Delights) by French recipe wizard Marie-Laure (the site is in French only).

Going back to Marie-Laure's notes on May 1st , I was reminded of the custom of buying 'un brin de muguet' (a small bouquet of 'lily of the valley' flowers in English) on May 1st for Labor Day.
Yes, Labor Day takes place on May 1st in most of the world.Muguet

Charlene, The Bon Bon Queen of Wilmington, North Carolina offered her take on the holiday in Why The French Aren't Working Today; Blame It On Muguet .

I borrowed Marie-Laure delightful photo of le muguet, to illustrate this piece.

I guess I really am 'The French Guy from New Jersey' after all. Moving away from European traditions and growing roots in American ones.

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