Crowdsourcing...Submit your Design for 'The French Guy from New Jersey'

Since the words 'The French Guy from New Jersey' rolled off my tongue a couple of months ago at South by Southwest and it has made many people smile since then (starting with Tara Hunt), I wanted to turn it into something visual.

I would like to use more of my 'fun' and 'creative' ideas in the same way that the people at Coudal segue on different projects and learn from it.

Since I am not a Graphic Artist, it has languished.

Rather than sit on this idea, I decided to Crowdsource it.

Here is how it goes: Create a Design illustrating the theme 'The French Guy from New Jersey' using 2 colors max, large enough to fit on a  t-shirt, e-mail it to me as a digital file with your name and contact info no later than May 30th and  we will consider it. We might ask you to tweak your design slightly.

As an extra incentive (besides the glory), the winner of the contest, hopefully we will get many great Designs, gets a dollar from the sale of each of the first 100 items bearing the logo to be sold (or $100 if you prefer).

A vos crayons.

The winner will be announced on June 7th.

P.S: If you are not interested in Graphic Design but have Photos, Videos or Music (say 'Theme from The French Guy from New Jersey') that fit with the Idea and want to share them with us, please do.

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