Mesta, Tempranillo, juicy and light, a good summer table red wine

If you are looking for a simple table wine that displays cherries and a touch of spice on the finish, this medium bodied red Mesta (Tempranillo, 2006) from Bodegas Fontana in Cuenca (Castilla, Spain) will be good company. It retails at around $8.00. Mesta_3

According to the label, 'Mestas' are gatherings of sheep herders where they sort out the stray sheep ('mestencos').


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It's Mother's Day today in many places but the US

May 27
While here in the US, this Memorial Day week-end marks the unofficial start of the summer and beach season (in New Jersey, we go to the shore), for many countries the last Sunday of May is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day Maman! As for myself, I will probably be off the blog until Tuesday, taking advantage of the holiday to take a breather.
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Why should a conference 'Launch Pad' take place on a holiday?

May 29
I was a little surprised to say the least to see that the Ignite Where 2.0 Launchpad, a prelude to the O' Reilly-Where 2.0 Conference (you know Maps and, was taking place last night in San Jose. Did someone forget it was a holiday? Is there no value in long week-ends? I know it is only a holiday here in the US but I would feel the same if any conference started on Bastille...