Thinking of 'April in Paris'...Check Arnaud Frich photo gallery of the City of Lights

While on one of my explorations I discovered Arnaud Frich's photos and was especially enthused by his wonderful shots of the city of lights, Paris. The picture I showcase here is of Fontaine Medicis in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Fontainemedicis_1

I associate this place with the idea of a quiet walk and taking a breather on one of the park's benches to browse through a favorite book. Thanks to Arnaud Frich for allowing me to use his photos. Visit his site to see all 11 pages of photos he took of Paris.
This theme also connects neatly with one of my favorite jazz albums, April in Paris by Count Basie. So if you are thinking of what to do with your tax refund, a long week-end in Paris with your better half is a nice romantic getaway, these pictures might inspire you.

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