Shake it Up: 'How to clean out your desk'

Some things shake you up and make you act. The creative brains at Language in Common offer a few pointers on 'How to clean up your desk', not another 'Getting Things Done' offspring, mind you.

It starts with 'You're fired' which gives anyone in that situation no alternative.
We are invited to think about changing our ways and perspectives.

A couple of things stood out for me: "When new ideas come up, don't judge them just yet"(in 'Become aware of no') and "If your group settles around an idea you don't believe in, have the courage to say no, because it's your job to say what you really think" (in 'Become aware of yes').
It's always good to look at both sides of the coin as they say.

Their piece could do without the few (mild) 'curse' words peppering their expose.

Maybe they forgot their own '10 writing tips to make your mother proud'.

Of the same train of thought: Is it magic potion day

I stumbled upon 'Language in Common' thanks to Coudal

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