Is it Magic Potion Day: 5 Steps to Good Working Mood or Get Happy in 60 Minutes?

I know Oprah rules nevertheless I could not help but notice that some of today's headlines sounded like magazine cover stories.
First I saw Get happy in 60 minutes on Lifehacker quoting Seven tips for making yourself happier in the next hour on...The Happiness Project...
Does happiness fall in the project management field? Do we need productivity tools to get happy?Milesseven_2

Then, a few minutes ago I read Five steps to get yourself in the mood to work by Anne Zelenka on Web Worker Daily.
At least work and productivity (to some extent) go together.

From my point of view, work is not often a matter of whether you are in the mood for it or not but rather that some things need to be done. Having some tasks that you accomplish rain or shine anchors your  day.

Obviously you also need things that inspire you to keep going. It could also be great music like Seven Steps to Heaven by Miles Davis whose cover graces this piece.

Get on the good foot!

Some of my magic potion pieces: Honesty is the Best sales tool and Start me up, best and worst life and work decisions

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