Retired...Bored...Open a restaurant...Ingredients, a Hong Kong Story

After working in the food industry and banking and easing his way into retirement, Hong Kong resident John Ang decided to open a restaurant so he would not get bored.
It was not a pet project since cooking was a lifelong passion for him.
What started as a small 36 seat Eaterie catering to friends and business connections has moved to bigger digs.

The place is aptly named Ingredients. After reading Not so secret Ingredients by Ann M. Morrison in today's Financial Times, I felt I had to share this tasty and tasteful restaurant with you.

They do not seem to have any online presence at this time. Ingredients is located at 23-29 Wing Fung Street and their phone number is 852-2544-5133.

Check Tasting Menu for a few more restaurant recommendations in Hong Kong.

Bon Appetit!

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