Not the 'School of Rock'...Peter Gabriel's WOMAD Summer School in Bath

With May around the corner, you might be making plans...for Nigel or Jane or Bea or Pierre's summer know the siblings...
Here is an idea...You might want to broaden their horizon beyond the School of Rock.
One of the offspring of Peter Gabriel, WOMAD this year offers the Womad Summer School 2007 at the Bath Spa University in the UK from July 30 to August 4.
The Summer School offers a global outlook on percussion and guitar as well as singer/ songwriters.
For more details download their Mini Guide. Information on their Children Art Camp is also included.

By the way, a new and improved Peter Gabriel site with Summer concert dates, video and more just launched and might help you to make plans for the parents too!

Other Summer plans for the Kids: Learn French in the Mediterranean city of Montpellier

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