"The Four Day (Work Week) Challenge" by Ryan Carson on 'A List Apart' is a Must Read

For the past few months, I have struggled with how to 'balance' a full time job, building a business and having a life. The truth is it is not working. I often feel the same struggle is experienced by a number of my clients and friends. So I really enjoyed reading "The Four Day Week Challenge" by Ryan Carson on the new edition of 'A List Apart'. He offers a number of constructive ideas such as cutting down on  interruptions be it IM, e-mail, meetings so your focus can be on what you are doing. Another point he raises is that no one will be able to get everything done no matter how many days and hours they work. It reminds me of a speech by Tom Peters back in May 2001 suggesting 'to-dont-lists' as a way to reduce time and mind clutter. I agree with Ryan Carson that being always on the 'treadmill' is not the best way to be energinized and getting fresh ideas. Besides that having a life outside work makes you a better person.
So read Ryan's piece and join the discussion he started. My older sister in France actually works 4 days every other week and loves these 3 day week-ends.
Ryan runs Carson Systems with his wife Gillian.

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