'Why customers don't care about executive meetings' David Lebovitz words of wisdoms

Funny things happened on the way to Sugar High Fridays. I started on Becks and Posh with Sam's Chocolate Raspberry Tart and landed in Paris with pastry chef David Lebovitz.

Besides giving us a wonderful Chocolate Idiot Cake recipe.
He tells us why businesses fail.
Executives spend too much time in meetings, not enough time with customers. They get paid too much while those on the frontline, delivering the goods are underpaid and under appreciated.

The best thing for me to do at this point is quote David: "I was once a consultant for a corporation that owned several prominent restaurants. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out that one of their major problems was that there were a lot of high-paid executives sitting in meetings upstairs, while there were a lot of low-paid people downstairs, in the kitchen, putting the food on the plate. And let's face it: Customers don't care about executive meetings, they care about the food. And that's basically it. When I mentioned this discrepancy to the high-paid executives (who hired me to tell them things like that...right?) we had another round of meetings, discussing things for hours and hours, until I told them I couldn't sit through any more meetings since I had work to do in the kitchen. (Stupid me! What was I thinking? Those meetings were totally cush. Why slave over a hot stove? Maybe those executives weren't so wrong after all...)"

Do check his Chocolate Idiot Cake recipe though and the full piece and the other wonderful entries for Sugar High Friday.

Both Sam and David used ScharffenBerger chocolate for their recipe.

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