Want a 'Health Kick', Get it from 'Firefly Tonics'

I learned today thanks to my daily dose of Financial Times that there is a category called 'functional food and drinks'. It sounds a bit dry to me.
Health Kick a new drink from UK based Firefly Tonics illustrates the topic better than any grand category.Healthkick_1

It contains Manuka honey from the New Zealand bush, Blood Orange, Ginger (and herbal extracts such as Siberian Ginseng) said to be boosting your immune system and beat the winter colds.

As for Firefly Tonics with their Shiny Happy People labels ( as seen here) and light touch, I would put them in the Fun & Health Drinks category...more surf than merchandising.

In the US , Firefly Tonics are available at Whole Foods and Wild Oats. For other countries check the list.

I previously wrote about Innocent Drinks also from the UK.

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