Roots, Rock and Wine...Tony Fletcher's I Jamming

I have to thank British music magazines Sounds, New Musical Express and Melody Maker for contributing to my English language skills and vocabulary.

It might not have made it on my teacher's reading list. Back in middle school-high school (late 60's,very early 70's...ouch!) we were a few friends, all Beatles fan and we bought these magazines to keep up with the News on the Fab Four.
We painstakingly (or should I say painfully) translated some of it from English to French and it was useful in the long run.

After writing Everybody's Happy Nowadays...I noticed that a site named iJamming! noticed my story.
I paid a visit and realized that it was real writing, not a spam/ad grabbing site.
The author of iJamming!, Tony Fletcher just happens to be a talented British expat now living in Brooklyn.
He started writing as a passionate music fan at 13 and then moved on to the magazines I mentioned. Tony also penned books on The Clash, Keith Moon and more.

He is much younger than I am and you can also call him Hey Mr DJ since he also spins 'records' from time to time.
Another way we are connected is his love of wine.

His music writings can also be found on  Rock's Backpages which I mentioned recently.

I am looking forward to meet you Tony.

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