Everybody's Happy Nowadays...Buzzcocks and AARP get together

I have to confess, I rarely watch TV, my wife and kids do so imagine my surprise when a commercial break comes during the Golden Globes and what do I hear but a very familiar tune (to me), the Buzzcocks 'Everybody's Happy Nowadays'. The strangest part of it was who the commercial was for, the AARP.
In a sense their music choice confirms what I felt when checking the boomer site Eons in Over 50 and you will not find me surfing...
Checking my music history, I saw that Everybody's Happy Nowadays was released in the UK on March 2, 1979 (28 years ago gosh).
I also found out that Pop Matters mentioned the AARP in a review of the band comeback effort way back in 2003, coincidence or inspiration for a marketing exec, god only knows!

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