No Wheat Today (or tomorrow)...Gluten Free Cooking Blogs

In my restaurant years I met a number of customers with celiac disease.
I also recently started buying gluten free and whole grain (not whole wheat) pasta on a doctor's recommendation.
As they say it is not how much you eat, it is how well.

With my renewed interest in the gluten free food topic, I have to mention Food Blog Spotlight: Gluten Free by Elise of Simply Recipes.

My favorite amongst her picks is Something in Season by Brendan of Davis, California whose wife is affected by celiac. Being a sensitive guy, he got to work and whips up a number of 'mean' recipes sans gluten.

He just contributed a Cupcake Entry to the January 2007 edition of The Cupcake Challenge anchored this month by Vanilla Garlic.

To your health!

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