Thanksgiving Help...Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes (via Whole Foods)

Yesterday, I mentioned the Allergy Card for those of us eating out who need to share their food issues with the restaurants staff.
With Thanksgiving Day almost here, we all need recipes for home cooking that accommodate these special needs.
Check this  Extended List of Dairy Free and/or Gluten Free Recipes available thanks to Whole Foods.

As for me having had car troubles in the past couple of days, I have to visit the Motor Vehicles to register a new set of wheels and then pick up the car before they close for the rest of the week.

My posting will have to take a back seat to my driving issues.

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Simple ideas are often the best. For those of us with allergies to food items such as nuts, gluten, dairy or seafood there is a need to communicate what can make us sick when we eat out. I know it first hand from my years spent working in restaurants. Created by a resident of Winnipeg (Canada) who happens to be allergic to fish, allows you to create a Card describing your main allergy on...
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Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone (in The US and the US Expats)!

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As the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is playing on TV in the background, I am taking a minute to wish everyone in the US and US expats a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Holiday! I will be back tomorrow.