Over 50 and you will not find me Surfing the Net on EONS

After checking a Financial Times article on how Japanese site Mixi prepares for baby boomers (and is salivating at the idea of getting a slice of their purchasing power), I noticed a shorter piece Silver surfers get social by Richard Waters. It mentioned Eons, a new venture by Jeff Taylor (of Monster.com fame).
Well, I visited the site and felt underwhelmed. I did not relate to much of the headlines which to me were geared to people beyond the 50/55 age bracket.
Some of the contributions were to be kind lacking in quality and the spelling made my teeth cringe.

The experience overall made me think of a recent New York Times expose on the efforts being made to promote music through the AARP and the disconnect with some of its supposed target audience.

Amongst the things I was listening to this week: Howard Devoto and Jack DeJohnette-Bill Frisell not Tony Bennett (nothing wrong with Tony though).

To conclude, I would say that some of these marketers and entrepreneurs should do their schoolwork a little better.
I may be 50 and a bit but I am not new to the internet even if not hanging out on My Space.

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