Feel like 'Stuffed Frog', Treat yourself to a Khmer Dinner at Meric (Cambodia)

I found out about the restaurant Meric through my participation in Menu for Hope.
If you travel to Southeast Asia, Meric is located at the Hotel de la Paix in Siem Reap (Cambodia)near  the famous Angkor Wat. The restaurant is named after a Cambodian pepper.
The team of Australian Chef Paul Hutt and French Chef Joannes Riviere offer both a Khmer Menu and a 'Mainstream Menu'.Cambodge
The Khmer Menu includes such delicacies as Grilled Stuffed Frog.
Joannes Riviere comes from a family from the Lyon region with a long culinary tradition. He has been living in Cambodia since 2002 and immersed himself in the local culture and traditions.

He is credited with having written 'La cuisine du Cambodge...' one of only 3 books on Khmer cuisine. It has only a French edition I believe (cover used here as an illustration).

You can win a 7 course Khmer dinner at the restaurant by bidding for Gift  Code AP17 in Menu for Hope.

Today is the last day to bid for Menu for Hope gifts. Bidding stops at 6:00 pm (Pacific).

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