Are you a practicing 'Zen Gardener'?

Amongst the new career path that some of us explore such as house managers, career coaches and other assistants like myself The Concierge, I found the Zen Gardener.

It seems mostly based on the idea of 'a Zen garden' as an oasis of tranquility as presented in books such as Zen in your garden by Jenny Hendy and 'Zen Gardening' (pictured here) by Sunniva Haarte. Zengarden The basic elements of the Zen Garden (as highlighted in BBC Review of 'Zen Gardening') are 'water to create balance and tranquility', the simplicity of 'sand and gravel' brings serenity rather than excitement, plants offer 'harmony and profusion' in shape as well as in color.

The 'Journal of Japanese Gardening' offers many views on the topic and according to Tim Hansken "The first author to use the words “Zen” and “garden” in the same sentence was probably an American woman, Loraine Kuck, in her book “100 Gardens of Kyoto” published in...1935".

To conclude have you hired a Zen gardener lately, are Landscapers so yesterday.

You could also hire Patrick Blanc. We featured his amazing creations in Vertical Garden last week.

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