In Champagne, Single Vineyards offer rare pleasures...Lap of Luxury 2

Even though in essence Champagne is made of a combination of different grapes, parcels and vintages, some Champagne makers big and small decided in recent years to offer Single Vineyard and Vintages to the world. I just read an excellent piece on the topic called 'Clos Encounters' not by Spielberg but by John Stimfig.Krug_clos_du

for example offers its Clos du Mesnil. The 1995 Vintage is said to set you back by $750.00 to $1000.00 a bottle (if you can find it).

These rare things come also from smaller producers as illustrated by Clos des Goisses by Champagne Philipponnat.

Earlier, In the Lap of Luxury 1 covered Shopping by Private Jet.

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