Jet Girl, Shopping by Private Jet, In the Lap of Luxury

Chartering a private jet to go shopping for the day or the week-end in Miami, Milan or New York is now an option as I discovered in 'Great Shop Lift!' in the How to Spend It Magazine yesterday.
Some people make it worth their while and money by combining work and play.
The good part in that case is that it can also be treated as a business expense.
In the article, Judith Moreton of Skyjet tells us that more and more Europeans have been using the private jet option for a Holiday Shopping Expedition in New York.
With Skyjet you can save yourself time, money and headaches by purchasing a Skyjet Card starting with their 'low cost entry offer' of 25 hours for only $94,000 and then in increments of 25 hours more.
A similar service is offered by UK based Bookajet.

If this is beyond your means, maybe you can indulge in Silver Jet. We recently featured them in Air travel away from the crowds.

Silver Jet kind of strike a middle ground between your plain vanilla or budget airline and the rarefied air of private jets.

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