Crab Season is in Full Swing (in Bay Area)...Taste TV treats us to Recipe Videos

The self described 'independent food network' Taste TV celebrates the arrival of crab season in the San Francisco-Bay Area. They offer recipe videos for a Dungeness Crab Salad (pictured here) Dungenesscrab created by Chef Moises of the Park Chalet Restaurant.

Also featured are a Crab and Avocado Salad by fellow expat Fabrice Roux and last a Soft Shell Crab recipe.

Interested in Seafood and Restaurants, read my previous piece on Kermadec, a famous spot in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Handmade Bikes made in Copenhagen...Wallpaper and Paul Smith

Nov 20
I am not a bike fanatic but do enjoy a ride around town every so often. Reading an excerpt of The Wallpaper Guide to Copenhagen, I was intrigued enough by a piece on local store and bicycle maker My Bikes to dig for more information. My Bikes (actually the Danish name is Cykelmageren) is the child of Rasmus Gjesing who is creator and craftsman as much as bike maker (since 1995). He converted his childhood...
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At 'Maverick' (San Francisco) get 40% off the Wine List on Monday Nights

Nov 21
Funny how things happen, after writing my post on Crab Season in the Bay Area, I paid a visit to Becks and Posh and discovered Maverick, a San Francisco Wine Bar and Restaurant. The detail that really caught my eye about them was what they call their 'WICKED CHEAP WINE NIGHT - 40% off any bottle of wine every Monday night' with dinner. The dining room is eye catching with its contrast of brown and...