2 Wines on my Table for Thanksgiving

Red Zinfandel is often the first choice to go with the Thanksgiving turkey. This year I strayed.

The red I picked was The Black Chook from South Australia, 2005 vintage. Blackchook This full bodied red wine is a Shiraz (95%) and Viognier (5%) blend, it clocks at 15% alcolhol. According to wine maker Ben Riggs 'Chook' is the Australian word for chicken. You should find it for around $15.00.
Read the Judge's Comments for the Award that the 2004 Vintage won at the Sydney International Wine Competition 2006.

My wife is partial to dessert wines so I chose one. Named 'Melelo' this is a Muscat d'Alexandrie (2004) produced by 'Vriesenhof' in Stellenbosch (South Africa). It suited me fine as it was not overly sweet. At 16% it did not contain too much sugar. The name 'Melelo' comes from the African word 'mpumelelo' which means success or good luck (according to label notes). The wine is made of 87% Muscat d'Alexandrie and 13% Tinta Touriga (a grape originally from Portugal, can be found in Port Wines). You should find it for around $13.00/ $14.00 (this is a 375 ml bottle).

My previous wine related post was on Minus 8 Ice Wine Vinegar.

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