Minus 8 Ice Wine Vinegar, My Pick for Wine Blogging Wednesday #27

After skipping last month Wine Blogging Wednesday, I return for the November Edition (WBW #27).
The theme offered by our friend from Michigan The Kitchen Chick is Ice Wines/ Icy Desserts. In a twist on the topic, I actually picked an Ice Wine Vinegar. Minus 8 Wine Vinegar is produced in an artisanal fashion in Canada from finished wine (8 red and white grapes, not disclosed, secret recipe) that is then fermented over a few months. The fermentation process is what brings the flavors as opposed to herbs, fruits and the like added to mainstream vinegars. Minus8
The name Minus 8 refers to the -8 temperature at which the grapes are picked (in the winter).
At that temperature the water inside the grapes freezes.
The grapes are usually picked at night, in January. The late picking ads to the concentrated flavors.
I first tasted the Minus 8 vinegar drizzled as a complement or should I say a contrast to a meyer lemon sauce served with a grilled mahi mahi. 
I might be wrong but I could see it served with Strawberries instead of the usual Balsamic Vinegar.

One of the places you can purchase it from online is I Gourmet.

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