Will you be 'Jonny Fu' for Halloween?

On one of my Monday morning trips to the world of PingMag in Tokyo, I discovered a character I could be for Halloween.
His name is Jonny Fu and is the creation of Ron Jonzo, the man with the pen.
The whimsy of the Jonny Wu story reminds me somehow of Wallace and Gromit.
So if you have not yet decided what character you want to be on Halloween Night, why not be Jonny Fu.Jonnyfugirl_1

At least you will not be one of a hundred wearing the same outfit.

You might be the only Jonny Fu in town. Maybe you will be asked: Who are you?

You will have to find a costume designer ready to put it together overnight though.
Good Luck!

The picture of Jonny Fu and the Kungfu Girl was borrowed from the PingMag piece.

For more on Halloween, check my Halloween and Wine posts.

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