Unable to Get Print Copy of Japan Beer Times 'Summer 2013' Issue, Download Craft Beer Japan App

Unless you leave in Japan,getting your hands on print copy of Japan Beer Times 'Summer 2013' Issue (cover below) could be a challenge. Magazine is bilingual English-Japanese in case you worried.


You can of course visit (bilingual) Japan Beer Times website.

If you plan to visit Japan you can download their Craft Beer Japan App available for both Android and Apple devices. $3.19 on Google Play.

"Craft Beer Japan is the most comprehensive beer application in Japan. It provides essential information on bars, restaurants and retailers that offer craft beer all across Japan."

Beer on calendar of Tokyo Thursdays # 263


All Dressed Up, Trees Outside Malba for Yayoi Kusama 'Obsesion Infinita' Exhibit in Buenos Aires

(* Image of cover of 'Japan Beer Times latest issue from their Google+ page)

Appetizers to Lamb to Vegetarian, Slowly Organizing Our Recipes in 15 Categories

After sharing recipes for a few years, I thought it was time to find a way to allow visitors to the site to narrow their search.

We started today with 15 categories listed with their respective links in right column of 'Serge the Concierge' after mother category Recipes.

The 15 categories (listed in alphabetical order using model Recipes: Appetizers) are Appetizers, Baking, Chicken, Chocolate, Cocktails, Fish and Seafood, Gluten Free, Ice Cream and Sorbet, Lamb, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Pork, Salads, Soups, Vegan and last Vegetarian.

Some recipes like Chilled Tofu with Crunchy Baby Sardines are referenced in 2 (or more) groups for Tofu with Sardines both under Appetizers and Fish and Seafood.

Panelle-1 (2)

So far about 40 to 50 recipes have been updated to reflect this friendlier way.

We will add the rest as quickly as we can and hope to be done by September 1st, 2013.

Let us know how you like the change.

(* Illustration is photo from Panelle, Sicilian Fritters, Gluten Free recipe from The Country Cooking of Italy by Colman Andrews- Chronicle Books, Fall 2011- reproduced with permission of the publisher- all rights reserved- Photography by Hirsheimer and Hamilton)

My First Look at 2014 Chevy Spark EV Plug in Electric in June at CEWeek

I had my first look at 2014 Chevy Spark EV Plug In Electric a few weeks back at CEWeek 2013 in New York.

I was especially interested as I am considering getting an hybrid or electric car for my New Jersey Concierges work.

2 things might make me consider another option:

-Car is only available to start in California and Oregon

-Driving range fully charged is 82 miles which on some work days might not be enough without a quick charge.


All in all attractive and priced to sell at around $20,000 (after federal tax credit)

Thinking of a green drive for Green Day # 253


Handmade in Bolivia, Fournier, Baby Clothing and Toys, at Playtime New York 2013, August 3-5

PingMag is Back Online from Tokyo and I did not Know, Another Reason to Celebrate July 4th

To give credit where it is due, PingMag was one of the main things that inspired me to write about Japan on a regular basis and then led to Tokyo Thursdays, a weekly feature.

To my chagrin and that of many others, they suspended publication at the end of 2008.

I just found out today that they are back online.

Their most recent story is Riding the Yamanote Line Railway Stamp Rally or how you can keep a passport like collection of your visits to train stations.

They bought a My Trip Stamp Notebook from Kotsu Shimbunsha shop to collect these stamps along the way.

These station stamps are also known as eki stamps according to The Eki Stamp (Densha de Japan, May 2011).


'Densha de Japan' piece informs us that there were no less than 9161 train stations at the time, each with their own stamp that reflects its location from temple to aquarium to tower.

Amongst many illustrations from their piece, I chose 'Wakkanai' stamp for 'northern most station in Japan in Hokkaido.

Taking a train ride for Tokyo Thursdays # 258

Previously: Bold and Beautiful Tasting, Celebrating Junmai Sakes at Sakamai, NY, June 20

Fork that Checks our Food Chewing Habits, Watch that Monitors Sleep and Stress

We are all accustomed to see joggers wearing a wristband while running.

Are we ready to have our (electronic) fork monitor our food chewing habits and beam suggestions to our smart phone on changes we should make to pace of our fork lifting and food intake?

The Hapilabs team seems to think so.


I could definitely use their HAPIwatch to monitor stress and sleep.

HAPIfork created by Jacques Lepine.

Graphically Inclined, Sign Up for Edo Pop Stencil Workshop, May 19. Japan Society, NY

Looking for a Sunday afternoon quiet actvity, graphically inclined and in New York, sign up for Edo Pop Stencil Workshop at Japan Society.

On the Menu

Gain an artist’s perspective on Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints with a highlights tour of the exhibition. Take inspiration from street artist AIKO’s stencil mural and woodblock print imagery to make your own stencil prints using watercolors and fine papers with master printmaker Roni Henning. No experience necessary. Limited class size. 
$75/$70 Japan Society members, seniors & students (includes exhibition admission and materials)

Email sdevegh@japansociety.org to register


Session takes place Sunday, May 19, 2013. Starts at 2 PM.

This activity is offered in connection to Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints exhibit running until Sunday, June 9.

Belated Tokyo Thursdays # 256


Take Your Fish by the Collar, Buri Kama, Charcoal-Grilled Yellowtail Collar from Japanese Farm Food

Put Your Stamp on Your Boxed Culinary Creations with Papermash 'From the Kitchen of' Stamp Kit

Put Your Stamp on Your Boxed Culinary Creations with Papermash 'From the Kitchen of' Stamp Kit.



Alternatively it will be a great gift to any friend who spends her-his spare time coming up with culinary delights.

Kit sells for £16.99 GBP, Papermash is based in UK.

(* Image from Papermash website)

Posh Pear Beignets with Rosemary Sugar and Pear Anglaise from 'Full of Flavor'

In Full of Flavor: 18 Ingredients...Endless Possibilities (Kyle Books USA, April 2013) Maria Elia turns 18 ingredients into 100 plus recipes.

Here's a sweet treat from 'Full of Flavor'.

Pear beignets with rosemary sugar and pear crème anglaise 

Posh pear fritters! Robust pears are just 'pearfect' with rosemary scented sugar – make this in advance if you can, you will find all sorts of uses for it. A little lager in the batter really does improve the taste.

Serves 4–6 

For the poached pears

200g caster sugar

1 bay leaf

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped

1 whole unwaxed lemon

4 pears, peeled and cored

For the BATTER

150g plain flour

3 tbsp sugar

pinch of sea salt

1 large egg

250ml lager or ale

vegetable oil, for frying

icing sugar

For the pear crème Anglaise

120ml milk

100ml single cream

2 egg yolks

10g caster sugar

For the rosemary sugar

2 sprigs of rosemary, dried, leaves stripped

75g caster sugar 

Pear beignets

Prepare the poaching liquid before preparing the pears as they discolour.

Place the sugar, 150ml water, bay leaf, vanilla seeds and pod, bay leaf and the juice and the lemon in a saucepan over a low heat and bring to the boil for 2 minutes.

Cut each pear into 3–4 vertical slices about 1cm thick and add to the cooking liquor. Place a circle of greaseproof paper (a cartouche) on the top and poach until just tender (about 5–7 minutes). Remove the pears from the liquor and leave to cool and drain on a rack or cloth.

In a medium bowl, combine the flour, sugar, a pinch of salt and the egg. Whisk together and gradually add the lager or ale. Whisk until the batter is smooth. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

To make the rosemary sugar, blitz the rosemary and sugar together in a blender. Store in an airtight container until required.

Heat the oil to 175ÅãC. Working in batches, dip a few slices of poached pear into the batter, then carefully drop them into the oil. Fry until golden on both sides (about 4 minutes).

Drain the pear beignets on absorbent paper and dust with rosemary sugar.

To make the pear creme Anglaise, place the poaching syrup from the pears, the milk and the cream in a saucepan and gently bring to the boil.

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale. Pour a little of the hot milk mixture into the egg mixture, then gradually pour this back into the hot milk. Cook over a low heat, stirring continuously until the custard thickens. Do not boil or the custard will curdle. Once thickened, pass the custard through a fine sieve and serve with the pears.

(* Recipe from 'Full of Flavor' by Maria Elia- published by Kyle Books USA, April 2013-  reproduced with permission- Photography by Jonathan Gregson)

Goldbely brings Lou Malnati's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and Comeaux Louisiana Boudin to your Door

New York based startup Goldbely only ambition is to bring local American food stars to our door.

If you crave Lou Maltani's Deep Dish Pizza which was part of our Chicago 10 do's and don'ts,  Fra'Mani handcrafted Salumi straight from Republic of Berkeley, Boudin by Comeaux from Louisiana (not Lyon) or Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream from Columbus, Ohio whose recipe for Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream we shared back in July 2011, visit Goldbely.


Some items come with free shipping.

Giving credit where it's due I discovered Goldbely via GOOD...

(* Image above from Goldbely Facebook page)

Long March to Earth Hour, Standby Lights are Evil, Joe Stephenson Kim Jong iL Red Dot Poster

All of us, myself included, tend to leave chargers plugged in (even if they are not charging anything) or worse keep our electronics on even when we are not using them.

Turn them off is the message Joe Stephenson wants to convey with his Kim Jong iL red dot poster, Standy Lights Are Evil.

Standby Lights Are Evil was the March 8 offering in Do the Green Thing long march to Earth Hour on March 23, 2013.

Not on standby for Green Day # 244

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