Trade Nightmares for Night of Ideas on Saturday May 21 2022, 19 US Cities, 100 Countries, Brooklyn for Me

Trade nightmares for Night of Ideas on Saturday May 21 2022 in 19 US Cities from Atlanta to Washington DC via New Orleans) and 100 Countries, Brooklyn for me.

Night of Ideas

Brooklyn Program in a Nutshell:

All will then gather for a marathon of talks, musical performances, screenings, and lively forums at Brooklyn Public Library, headlined by a performance from Patti Smith. Programming includes Goncourt Prize-winning novelist Leïla Slimani, Director of the Lenape Center Joe Baker, Chief AI Scientist at Meta Yann LeCun, political scientist Claire Sagan, and more.  

Registration will be available later in April. Check back here for updates.

Presented by: Brooklyn Public Library and Villa Albertine.

Where are we going? That is the question.

Angling for A Triangle Stamp, Isle of Man Post Office and Year of the Ox, 4 Stamps by Jay Cover, January 7

Angling for a triangle stamp, Isle of Man Post Office marks Year of the Ox with a collection of 4 stamps created by Jay Cover.

62p Chicken and Ox Stamp

Looking for link-credit for illustrator Sei Koo for recipe I recently shared led me to creatives site It's Nice That where I discovered the stamp collection.

4 stamps released to the public today, January 7 in 4 prices: 62p, 158p, 244p and 322p.

(* Illustration from Isle of Man Post Office website)

Rail Alphabet 2 to Gatwick Airport Signs, Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work Exhibit, Design Museum, London, Til January 10

Rail Alphabet 2 to Gatwick Airport, Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work Exhibit  at Design Museum in London, until January 10, 2021 (Covid willing).

After  studying art and illustration at Chelsea College of Arts, Margaret Calvert fell into typography after being handpicked by Jock Kinneir.

She was the younger partner and did not get as much credit as she should have for her contributions to their work until Jock Kinneir's death in 1994.

Margaret calvert

The show and the museum  are currently closed to the public until December 2 due to government Covid restrictions.

Many more details on Margaret Calvert exhibit in Signs in tune with their times (Financial Times - October 27, 2020.

As a bonus here's a side piece i wrote related to Chelsea Space gallery at Chelsea College of Arts:

Nashville in London, Hatch Show Print Exhibit at Chelsea Space (December 2013)

(* Photo of Margaret Calvert with her design for the Design Museum's 30th anniversary, copyright Design Museum-London)

Would be Discards Turned into Snacks, Sustainable Foods: A Mottainai Mindset, Live Webinar, Japan Society, Nov 10

Have not offered a 'Green Day'  on Tuesdays in a long while.

Today, I make an attempt at getting back in the fray.

Would be Discards Turned into Snacks.  You will be able to explore that and more with Sustainable Foods: A Mottainai Mindset thanks to a Live Webinar from the Japan Society (New York) on November 10 at 6:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time).


Here's a brief introduction:

"In Japan, the idea of food sustainability is nothing new. As far back as 1804, Japanese company Mizkan Group harnessed the concept of upcycling by using sake by-products to create an entirely new vinegar. Today, Japanese company ZENB is following in those footsteps, incorporating parts of vegetables that are usually discarded, including cores, seeds and stems, into their plant-based snacks. At this talk, Seiko Nakano from Mizkan Group and Christiane Paul from ZENB discuss their innovative, wholesome food production strategies, and join Brian Kateman for a panel discussion about the future of food sustainability. As cofounder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation, which advocates for reducing the consumption of animal products, Kateman is a leading voice in the realm of environmental and food sustainability."

Registration required here, Event is Free.

Green Day #273

(* Illustration courtesy of 'Japan Society')

Funghi to Vino, Mushrooms to Vine and Wine, Cite du Vin, Bordeaux, October 6 with Mycologist Marc-André Sélosse

Few of us will probably make it to Bordeaux in time to attend this 'harvest of knowledge' by mycologist Marc-André Sélosse on Tuesday October 6, 2020 at Cite du Vin which I still have to visit when in France.

Fughi to wine

Event is at 7 PM. It's Free but Reservations are Required.

Thanks Nathalie Valet for sharing this event on LinkedIn.

(* Illustration via 'La Cite du Vin' Facebook page)

Pari des Libraires, Paris Readers Love Letters, Postcards and Songs to People Who Are Bookstores Soul, June 12-26

It opened on June 12 and runs until June 26. Le Pari des Libraires is a chance for book lovers in French capital to write love letters, postcards and songs to people who run their bookstores and bring them to life.


The 2020 edition's godmother (maraine) was Leila Slimane.

(* Image of this year's poster borrowed from -Ville de Paris- website)

Invisible Mending, Meet Director of Kimono Restoration Koshiro Tatematsu at Japan Society, NY, May 21

Since beginning of my concierge tenure, shoe and bag repairs as well as many clothing alterations are part of the requests.

I have not been offered challenge to restore kimono to its original state. 

The Japan Society in New York invites us to explore Invisible Mending: The Magic of Kimono Restoration on May 21, 2019.

Invisible mending

In Japan Society's event notes:

"Some might see a tear or stain on a beautiful kimono and think the garment can never be restored to its former glory. But Japan's kimono restoration artisans aim to do just that. These master craftsmen can make small holes seem to disappear as though they never existed, and completely transform discolored garments. High-end apparel makers around the world have taken note, and are now applying these techniques to conserving Western fashions like suits and gowns. At this talk, Koshiro Tatematsu of kimono restoration service Chojiya unravels some of the mysteries behind these fascinating mending techniques, and reveals how they're being used in the fashion world today. Kimono restoration artisans Yoshiko Goto and Minako Mizuochi will show off some of these fascinating techniques first-hand in on-stage demonstrations. "

Tickets are $15 for non-members and $12 for members, seniors and students.

This Tokyo Thursdays # 313 marks the return of Tokyo Thursdays.

Previous One (August 18, 2016): 

Luminous Morning Stroll Minus Tea in Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC Gardens, Vancouver, August 8