Better Spend A Little More Once than A Little Less Twice

Putting new windows in your apartment or house, buying a new air conditioning unit as weather heats up, picking a mover that will not damage your furniture or the front door of your new digs, cheaper is not always the wise option.

Air unit

Better spend a little more once than a little less twice!

Minding the money for Concierge Mondays # 22

Need Alterations on Clothes, Will Be Worth It for Expensive Item or Sentimental Reasons

Need alterations on clothes, how much will it cost?

I have been asked the question many times.  My answer, it varies.


Before I get a precise price from seamstress, I ask my clients 2 questions:

  • Was it an expensive purchase?
  • Are you attached to it for sentimental reasons?

If the answer is no to both questions above, some repairs like a zipper on a jacket, a coat or the back of a dress might not make sense.

If  a seam needs to be re-sawn, it should be worth it.

Need to replace torn lining, I would in general not suggest it, except for special items.

Not always seamless for Concierge Mondays # 12

Who is It For? What is the Occasion? When? Budget? 4 Questions I Ask Before I Order Flowers...Add Color

Who is it For? What is the occasion? When? Budget?

The 4 questions I ask before I get flowers for my New Jersey Concierges clients.

Over the years, I have ordered and, in most cases, picked up and delivered many flower arrangements, mostly bouquets.

When you add a vase to the mix, it raises the price significantly, so I often skip the vase.

In a small number of cases, I had to place order with out of state florists which makes the process a bit more challenging.

For local clients, I tend to rely on the same florist. 

Bouquets march 2020

Bringing a shop repeat business allows me to get orders filled on short notice and guarantees quality.

Color scheme is an element I add to the 4 main ones. It can add cheer to someone's day. 

Keeping some variety of color keeps repetition at bay.

Flowers of Happiness for Concierge Mondays # 3

Low Tech Brew, Great Coffee Taste, You Can't Rush Taste, My Pick, Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

After my last coffee maker died, I was planning to buy a new, better, fancier one, I had somehow settled on the Brewsly 15 Bar (at just under $200).

Since it would take a week to 10 days for it to be delivered, I hit pause on my buy and decided to give the Chemex (6 Cups) Glass Coffee Maker a chance (around $45).

It was in stock at my local Williams Sonoma so I placed the order and picked it up a couple hours later.

Chemex 6 cups

After my first brew and sip, I was sold and decided to forgo getting a new machine.

It does take a bit more time, call it slow coffee if you wish, as you have to boil the water and pour it a couple ounces at a time.

You can't rush taste.

(* According to Chemex website, due to current high demand, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your Coffee Maker if you order directly from them)

Angling for A Triangle Stamp, Isle of Man Post Office and Year of the Ox, 4 Stamps by Jay Cover, January 7

Angling for a triangle stamp, Isle of Man Post Office marks Year of the Ox with a collection of 4 stamps created by Jay Cover.

62p Chicken and Ox Stamp

Looking for link-credit for illustrator Sei Koo for recipe I recently shared led me to creatives site It's Nice That where I discovered the stamp collection.

4 stamps released to the public today, January 7 in 4 prices: 62p, 158p, 244p and 322p.

(* Illustration from Isle of Man Post Office website)

Can't Afford Bitcoins, Indulge in a Chocolate Ganache Lingot by Gontran Cherrier

Can't Afford Bitcoins?

Gontran cherrier lingot

Indulge in this Chocolate Ganache Lingot by Gontran Cherrier.

Also not to miss, La Valentino, a chocolate and chocolate Buche de Noel.

Buche gontran

Did not realize that Gontran Cherrier mini-empire is now close to 60 locations including 30 in South Korea.

(* Image from Gontran Cherrier Instagram Feed)

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is With Giving Broadly, 40 Plus Women Food Entrepreneurs, Their Tasty Creations

Put your money where your mouth is with Giving Broadly, a selection of 40+ women food entrepreneurs and their creations, curated by Dana Cowin...


Here's what Giving Broadly is about in Dana's words:

"This guide highlights incredible products from women-owned brands that amped up my cooking at home this year. Drawing on more than twenty years of tastings as the editor in chief of Food & Wine, I discovered the most delicious products by outstanding artisans. Now I want to share this tightly-curated collection with you. Shop for delicious gifts and delectable meals; read for stories of vision, persistence and determination; donate to invest in supporting more women entrepreneurs!"

Instead of just talking about diversity, big and small efforts like this make it happen!

Would be Discards Turned into Snacks, Sustainable Foods: A Mottainai Mindset, Live Webinar, Japan Society, Nov 10

Have not offered a 'Green Day'  on Tuesdays in a long while.

Today, I make an attempt at getting back in the fray.

Would be Discards Turned into Snacks.  You will be able to explore that and more with Sustainable Foods: A Mottainai Mindset thanks to a Live Webinar from the Japan Society (New York) on November 10 at 6:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time).


Here's a brief introduction:

"In Japan, the idea of food sustainability is nothing new. As far back as 1804, Japanese company Mizkan Group harnessed the concept of upcycling by using sake by-products to create an entirely new vinegar. Today, Japanese company ZENB is following in those footsteps, incorporating parts of vegetables that are usually discarded, including cores, seeds and stems, into their plant-based snacks. At this talk, Seiko Nakano from Mizkan Group and Christiane Paul from ZENB discuss their innovative, wholesome food production strategies, and join Brian Kateman for a panel discussion about the future of food sustainability. As cofounder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation, which advocates for reducing the consumption of animal products, Kateman is a leading voice in the realm of environmental and food sustainability."

Registration required here, Event is Free.

Green Day #273

(* Illustration courtesy of 'Japan Society')

Funghi to Vino, Mushrooms to Vine and Wine, Cite du Vin, Bordeaux, October 6 with Mycologist Marc-André Sélosse

Few of us will probably make it to Bordeaux in time to attend this 'harvest of knowledge' by mycologist Marc-André Sélosse on Tuesday October 6, 2020 at Cite du Vin which I still have to visit when in France.

Fughi to wine

Event is at 7 PM. It's Free but Reservations are Required.

Thanks Nathalie Valet for sharing this event on LinkedIn.

(* Illustration via 'La Cite du Vin' Facebook page)