Being A Liaison Could Become Prominent Concierge Role for Me in This Getting Past Covid Period

Being a liaison could become prominent concierge role for me in this getting past covid period.

After reading number of articles on what 'back at the office' might mean, most of us are still muddling through this, it appears that ferrying things (documents, supplies, and more) from main office to satellite ones and same to and from 'working from home' team members could be a prominent activity in my New Jersey Concierges line of  work.


Using a new canvas for changing shape of work, a slightly belated Concierge Mondays # 18

In Need of Extra Storage, Pick Facility that Has a Drive in Garage with Direct Elevator Access to Your Space

Whether you are moving, need to empty part of your house or apartment for a home improvement project, or just running out of space for some of your possessions, many of us do, pick up a facility that has a drive in garage or loading room with direct elevator access to your storage space.

Raleigh bike at storage

Temperature control is also part of the basic requirements so none of your items suffer during their time in storage.

If you plan to sell some of the items brought to your storage unit, it will be a plus to have that easy elevator access to move items to buyer's vehicle. It will also allow you to conduct transaction without bringing 'strangers' in your home.

Slightly belated storage space tips for Concierge Mondays # 17

Summer Vacation Flight on Your Mind, Book Directly Through Airline Not Portal In Case of Hiccups

Summer vacation flight is on your mind?

My suggestion, book directly through the airline in case of hiccups.

I had booked a round  trip flight for me and my son in November 2019 (EWR to Rome via Copenhagen) for Spring Break 2020.

Copenhagen guide 2011-12

Covid came and of course what would have been a wonderful getaway did not happen.

Flight was on Scandinavian Airlines but it was booked via Expedia.

It took me almost a year of efforts to get reimbursed.

Airlines beat Portals for Concierge Mondays #15

(* Photo of Copenhagen Guide I kept from wonderful stay late August 2011)

Moving Soon, Sell or Donate Items that Will Not Make the Trip on Nextdoor, Take Shipping Costs Out of Equation

Moving soon, sell or donate items that will not make the trip on Nextdoor.

Curating belongings

Take shipping costs out of the equation as you will be selling to people nearby and they will pick them up  from you at your current abode.

Curating your belongings for Concierge Mondays # 14

For Some Client Projects to Be Done Fully, A Check List Helps, Even Better that All Boxes Get Checked

For some client projects to be done fully, succesfully, a check list helps.

More important than the list itself, is the fact that client takes time to check all the boxes.

Epitaph plaques

Say, someone asked me to get their taxes done. I give them a list of documents the preparer will need.

If they don't provide me with these needed pieces, it will make the end result less satisfactory for client.

In some cases, it could halt the process altogether.

Check Lists and Checking Them for Concierge Mondays # 13

(* Photo taken by yours truly at Cleveland Museum of Art- January 2020- Epitaph Plaques for Yi-Gi-ha, Korea)

Need Alterations on Clothes, Will Be Worth It for Expensive Item or Sentimental Reasons

Need alterations on clothes, how much will it cost?

I have been asked the question many times.  My answer, it varies.


Before I get a precise price from seamstress, I ask my clients 2 questions:

  • Was it an expensive purchase?
  • Are you attached to it for sentimental reasons?

If the answer is no to both questions above, some repairs like a zipper on a jacket, a coat or the back of a dress might not make sense.

If  a seam needs to be re-sawn, it should be worth it.

Need to replace torn lining, I would in general not suggest it, except for special items.

Not always seamless for Concierge Mondays # 12

Gift Bags Distribution or Car Wash, A Look at Weather Forecast Influences this Concierge Work Schedule

I don't have any car wash on my work schedule right now but I do have a few dozen gift bags to distribute all over New York later this week.

I plan to do as many stops as possible Wednesday, hopefully still a fairly dry day.

And, as a precaution, I purchased a large box of clear bags to protect the goods from the elements.

Goodie bags

A look at the weather forecast influences how this New Jersey concierge plans his work schedule.

Who wants to receive a soggy gift bag after all?

Toasting dry package deliveries for Concierge Mondays # 11

Giving an Estimate Can Be Just That, Giving an Estimate, Which Does Not Give License to Price Gouge

Giving an estimate can be just that: giving an estimate.

I want clients to keep that in mind on occasion.

When some jobs take me to New York City, even now, travel time can be hard to predict.

If many stops are part of the picture, it adds to the uncertainty.

Tempus fugit

In these cases, I give an estimated price for the job based on details that are given to me, and make that clear to the client.

Even when that estimated amount has to go up, it does not give one license to price gouge.

Best guesses for Concierge Mondays # 9