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Need Alterations on Clothes, Will Be Worth It for Expensive Item or Sentimental Reasons

Mar 29
Need alterations on clothes, how much will it cost? I have been asked the question many times. My answer, it varies. Before I get a precise price from seamstress, I ask my clients 2 questions: Was it an expensive purchase? Are you attached to it for sentimental reasons? If the answer is no to both questions above, some repairs like a zipper on a jacket, a coat or the back of a dress might not...
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For Some Client Projects to Be Done Fully, A Check List Helps, Even Better that All Boxes Get Checked

Apr 5
For some client projects to be done fully, succesfully, a check list helps. More important than the list itself, is the fact that client takes time to check all the boxes. Say, someone asked me to get their taxes done. I give them a list of documents the preparer will need. If they don't provide me with these needed pieces, it will make the end result less satisfactory for client. In some cases, it could...