Best to Meet Cleaning Person Before First House Clean Up, It Will Make for A Smoother Start. Higher Price First Time

When possible, meet cleaning person before first house clean up. It will make for a smoother start.

For years now, I work primarily with the same 2 cleaning ladies.

As with other service providers, I want to work with people (companies) that are reliable, show up on time and do the work right.

Giving them repeat work allows me to call on them on short notice, when an emergency arises, and most often than not have them squeeze my clients' tasks into their schedule.

Tidying up house (2)

Emergencies need to be the exception rather than the rule. 

I like to schedule tasks in advance and stick to the scheduled times as much as possible.

There is close to no worse thing to have to cancel jobs at last minute unless there is a good reason for it.

Getting back to cleaning crews, reason they want to meet you and you want to meet them before first cleanup, is that you will be able to show them exactly which areas need attention and they will be able to see which products and tools they need to bring.

You will also get a precise quote for each cleaning cost.

First cleaning will often be more costly as it will involve more detailing.

Tidying up the house for Concierge Mondays #6

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